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Many fathers resist assisting their children on the autism spectrum. Some are too stubborn or macho to accept the autism diagnosis. And once upon a time, Harry Psaros was that guy. Harry wants to be a voice for dads in the autism fight. 


From Struggle to Strength was written so other dads can learn from Harry's mistakes, work with their family to support their child on the spectrum and their successful development, see how his son Gus is thriving with the support of both parents, and ultimately understand that an empowered mindset drives lasting growth and fulfillment in the journey with autism.

“As an educator and owner of the Brain Balance Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, helping families and children overcome struggles is my true calling and passion in life. Breakthroughs are possible, and Harry Psaros reminds us of this in his book, From Struggle to Strength. His book presents honest and practical guidance for parents with children diagnosed with autism. However, it is truly written for any parent with a child who is struggling. Sharing his personal experience as a father, Harry provides words of wisdom to parents who need encouragement, support, and a dose of optimism. Even if we do not have a child who struggles, From Struggle to Strength is a good reminder for us all that we can overcome obstacles by tackling them with courage, positivity, and resilience.”

Megan Galando, M.Ed, Owner and Executive Director of the Brain Balance Center of Wexford

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