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About the Author


A devoted family man, Harry Psaros has been happily married to his wife Michelle for 24 years and is a proud father of two sons, Costa “Gus” and Maximos “Max.” Originally from the steel town of Weirton, WV, Psaros has called McDonald, PA home for the past two decades. With a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh, as well as minors in physics and philosophy, Psaros has a strong educational foundation. Further expanding his expertise, he obtained a certification as a health coach from the Institute of Integrated Nutrition. Professionally, Psaros serves as an Executive Neuroscience Account Specialist for AbbVie. Known affectionately by fans as the “Pitt Guru,” he is a top social media influencer for University of Pittsburgh athletics and the senior writer for Pittsburgh Sports Now.


Harry is on the Board of Directors for the Autism Caring Center, President of North Fayette Township’s Parks and Recreation Board, Vice President of All Saints Greek Orthodox Church in Weirton, WV and one of the founders of North Fayette P.A.L.S. (an organization for special needs children).  Harry is an avid reader, enjoys strength training, running, martial arts and lives to serve others.  


He has a saying, “If you are breathing air, you should be helping others”.


Interview with Author Harry Psaros

Author Harry Psaros shares his experiences as a dad of a child on the autism spectrum in his book From Struggle to Strength. Here, he talks about the book and how it can help parents, especially dads, to be the support their children need.

Q & A with the Author

What inspired you to write your book?

My wife and I felt alone and isolated when our son was diagnosed with autism, adrift on an island with no one who truly understood. But in those lonely moments, I vowed that no other parents would feel so abandoned. Now, 20 years later, I know the time has come to share the lessons I’ve learned on this journey with Gus. Though we felt lost at first, our family has built a life full of hope, joy, and resilience. In my book, I want to be the guide for other fathers that I wish I’d had, offering practical strategies grounded in the mindset that got me through the hardest days. Drawing on my background in boxing and martial arts, I’ll share how I tapped into motivation and mental strength when times were tough. Most of all, I aim to show couples facing an autism diagnosis that they are not alone—there is light ahead if you approach each day with compassion, optimism, and an unbreakable spirit. My dream is for this book to become a trusted companion for parents, helping transform uncertainty into empowerment.

Why is it so important to address dads of children with autism in particular?

You know that feeling when you’ve connected deeply with an audience, only to realize there’s an entire segment you’ve left out? That happened to me in 2014 at the Autism Notebook’s Connection Conference in Pittsburgh. As I wrapped up my talk, a line of mothers approached me. At first, I worried I’d said something wrong! But as mom after mom shared her story, a pattern emerged: They needed help reaching their husbands. These women felt alone in understanding their child’s autism diagnosis. Their spouses remained disconnected. I was stunned. Clearly, I needed to speak directly to dads, with empathy and practical guidance. My book comes from a father’s perspective on this journey. I know that “belligerent, unaccepting” mindset from my own experience. With warmth and compassion, I share the tools that helped me engage as a dad and embrace my child. My hope is that this book will be a perfect gift—a supportive companion for fathers navigating a new autism diagnosis in the family. Because when both parents are informed and on board, the child feels that unconditional love

Was it difficult sharing a personal story like this?

The act of writing this book was an emotional rollercoaster. At times, it felt cathartic to put the memories on paper. But it also unearthed moments of euphoria and heartache that had long been buried. As I typed each word, I was transported back through time. I relived the highs and lows of my son’s journey—every triumph, every setback. This book gave me a chance to reflect on all the heroes in our story. My incredible wife, who held us together through the darkest days. My youngest son Max, who played a pivotal role in assisting his brother. The army of therapists, teachers, and caregivers who gave so much of themselves. And my late father, who shared such a special bond with my son. As I wrote about them, it was as if I could hear their voices and feel their hugs once more. At times, the emotions came like a tidal wave, and I had to simply walk away from my computer and take a break. I wanted to maintain my goal: helping other families and honoring my son by sharing his story. Now that it’s complete, I feel lighter, unburdened. Writing my book reminded me that my son Gus is tougher and more resilient than any black belt I have ever sparred against. It’s an honor to be his father.

Can an autism “warrior mom” gain anything from this book?

Attention warrior moms, this book overflows with treasures just for you. Its lessons on acceptance, positivity, resilience, and warrior spirit speak to your heart. You’re not alone on this journey. Other moms who’ve read early copies tell me they’ve absolutely loved it and learned so much. There’s even a chapter on self-care and managing stress that will renew your whole family. I believe my book will offer insights to uplift and empower the warrior autism mom.

What is the big takeaway from your story?

The mighty force of unconditional love can unlock wonders. Though an autism diagnosis may feel overwhelming, have faith—with positivity, resilience and optimism, beautiful growth awaits your child and family. Each new day brings opportunities for your child’s continued improvement. And you, as their parents, can discover profound lessons from them in return. This path was entrusted to you for a reason. Respond with compassion, nurture their unique gifts, help them thrive. Together, step forward with hope and joy. Your child is destined for greatness.

What change do you hope to create from this book?

Whether you’ve just received an autism diagnosis for your child or you’ve been on this journey for years, I’m here to tell you: you’ve got this. As a parent, you have the power to shape your child’s world. This book is a rallying cry, a motivational starter kit, for parents ready to embrace a warrior’s mindset of hope, optimism, and unrelenting love. Together we’ll destroy feelings of desperation and depression, replacing them with positivity and light. Your child needs you to be their cheerleader, their advocate, their guiding force. And you can do it. You already have the fierce love of a parent. Now it’s time to transform that love into focused action.

Consider this book your first step, a spark to ignite the fire within. Absorb its lessons, then pay it forward. Share your knowledge, your experience, your hard-won wisdom. Another parent is waiting for your hand up just like I’m reaching for yours. This isn’t the time to sit on the sidelines—your child needs you on the playing field. Let’s do this, parent warrior. Your child is counting on you.

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